Compelling Research Paper Topics In Management To Review

Management is a significantly wide area to cover in a paper. As much as there are numerous study topics, not all meet the cut for quality or will capture the imagination of examiners and readers. You need a topic that ignites the passion of a reader to peruse through to the last sentence. Before looking at the freshest topics in management, what will make your topic outstanding?

    Relevance- pick a topic that resonates with the thinking of people and seeks to provide a current solution. It must provide clarity and direction to an existing management challenge. Avoid areas that have been studied in the past since the solution has already been provided. Proper Wording- people or the examiner will be interested in your work based on how you describe it. The first summary you provide for your research paper is the title. Choose words that capture your idea and arouse curiosity in a reader. Specific- there are numerous management areas and issues to handle in a paper. Your topic should provide clear direction on what you intend to tackle. The coverage should not be too wide as to dilute the content or too narrow that you will have nothing to write about.

Here are some of the most captivating research paper topics in management to consider.

  1. How to implement different human resource management theories in real life situations
  2. The place of human resource management in driving change in an organization
  3. The disruptive effect of technology in information management
  4. Management of workers operating remotely
  5. Social media and its influence in brand management
  6. Building an environment of innovation without losing the idea of employee
  7. When continuous development and training opens doors for employees exit
  8. Management of natural resources and its contribution to conflicts
  9. Is sustainable development a fallacy?
  10. Managing teenage superstars
  11. When project management weakens institutional traditions
  12. Managing family businesses while still maintaining professionalism
  13. Managing global tourism in the wake of live streaming and photography
  14. Transition management for entrepreneurs
  15. The best time to act on information in a fast paced business world

Choosing a topic is just the beginning of a long journey towards developing your research paper. You need to read widely in search of facts about your topic. An excellent topic will be useless if the body contains heresy and misrepresentation. Consult your tutor to ensure that the topic is within the boundaries of your unit.