Basic Hints For Writing A Good Research Paper For High School

You will have to write a research paper in all four years of high school. You may have to write more than one each year if other academic classes such as Biology or history require one. Additionally, there may be even more if you take a writing class. Most students are taught the skills for this style of work in junior high, so that they will have success in grades nine through twelve.

If you do not remember the basic rules, use our hints for composing a good research paper when you're in high school. These few hints will help a large amount.

Suggestions and Tips

  • Know what style the paper is. There are many formats such as MLA or APA, so know from the beginning, what style you teacher is requiring. Once you know the style that is required, look online and bookmark a reference page which gives you rules for this style.
  • A strong thesis statement is the difference between a good and a bad piece. You need to pick a statement that has solid points and will be easily supported by facts and data.
  • Try to get a sample paper to guide you. If you na locate a model paper, you will have it to use as a guide as you write. Make sure it is written and formatted correctly.
  • If you are lucky enough to attend a school that has a writing lab, make sure to use it as you write. These kabs are manned by experts who can give you guidance and help you with the process.
  • Use an outline as you write. The Outline should be detailed and it will keep you on track. Take the time to make an exact and precise outline.
  • When you use sources for support, as you will, you must turn in a works cited page or a bibliography. A bibliography will list all the sources you looked at, even if you did not use them. A works cited page will instead only list the sources you used. The sources have very specific rules for how you list them, so use one of the free or inexpensive apps that will format for you.
  • Your teacher will give you some very specific instructions. Make sure to read the directions carefully. They may include samples, should give you due dates, and will tell you what should be submitted and how. For example, some teachers will want you to submit electronically and to also turn in a hard copy. Read your directions very carefully.