The Secrets To Completing A Biology Research Paper Discussion Section

You are on your last part of research paper, but you have problems writing a discussion section? Don’t worry this happens a lot. It’s a hard thing to write and you should not burden yourself with it. What you need to do is to follow these simple rules and suggestions and you will be on your way to finish your work. So read on further this articles and learn what you can do to help yourself.

Outline your ideas

Before you start write you discussion part you should outline what you want to say in it, from your general findings and up to certain things that you found. So before you start think what you want to say and what ideas were important in your project. You can make list and put your ideas in order of importance in that way you will have clear guide what ideas and things to point out and in what way.

Make it short

One sure way to get you message clear is to make it short and sweet. If you write it long you may lose what you what to say and make you message unclear and hard to follow. Write in logical form and try to explain what you found out in your paper. Then explain why it is the way it is and give supporting arguments to defend it. Your point here is to give commentary and not just state facts. Important thing here is to stay on main ideas and not side problems. That way you will give your reader a clear understanding what was the key problems and how they affect your topic.

Use the same terms

When you have done the above things make sure to read your paper again and try to use the same terms you used to describe your findings. This will make your assignment easier to read and to follow what you want to say. When you try to explain you findings use the same points to defend then that you used in your paper, you already know the answers so in the last part what you have to do is to make them short and clear, summarize them and put them in order from the most important to less important.