List Of 12 Fresh Law And Ethics Research Paper Topics

Fresh law and ethics can and is almost always topics in which groups and individuals constantly debate and lawmakers publicly disagree. The following list contains twelve topics that are current, headline makers, that one should have no issues in doing a proper research paper.

Ethics-Based Topics

  • Should an individual be allowed to sell their kidneys or other organs? Is this an ethical decision or a personal one? How could one make this ethics positive for the future?
  • Should the freezing of military eggs be the newest thing for those going to war? How does one make this an ethical advancement? Who owns the eggs should a death occur while during the war? Who or how should it be decided?
  • Is it ethical to take performance enhancing drugs? Who should be the deciding parties of prescribing? How do other countries handle the usage of performance enhancing drugs? Is the use of performance drugs in sports ethical?
  • Is it ethical to place restrictions on abortions?
  • For the terminally ill is it ethical to force them to live in a state of vegetation rather than being allowed to die with dignity?
  • Should the victim of rape or incest that becomes impregnated be forced to carry the child to term?

Law Based Ethical Topics

  • New York General Business Law § 218. This law covers the legalities of holding someone in the event of suspected shoplifting. What is your opinion? Agree or disagree? Why? What standards are in place in other countries presently within these regards?
  • The Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act or HB 1523, is one of the newest preliminary injunctions Mississippi law books and debates are making headlines. What are your feelings in reference to this law? What, in your opinion, should be done differently, if anything? What should be added/stricken from the present wording of the HB 1523?
  • June 30, 2016, marks the day that the transgender troop’s military ban became lifted. What else should be put into action to protect these soldiers? Do you agree or disagree with the Pentagon’s decision? What would you do if you were the one in charge? Same bases or one completely different?
  • Should law enforcement officers ethically be allowed to maintain their positions once arrested for breaking a law they are to be upholding?
  • What are the ethical repercussions to the legalization of marijuana in those states that legalized? Are the restrictions in place proper?
  • Should a person be ethically bound forever after receiving a felony conviction? At what point or span of years should this issue no longer be considered relevant in regards to jobs, schooling, housing, etc.?

As you can see from the above twelve researchable topics, there are many variations in regards to how the masses feel about each and every topic given. Speak up and let your opinion be heard, anytime appropriate try to sway the world into a positive, current century viewpoint.