Compelling Senior Research Paper Topics On Biology

When students are asked to write a dissertation in Biology, the first question that pops in their mind is – Which topic should I choose to write a brilliant piece of academic paper? Till the time, topic is finalized , they can't sit steady at one place and keep carrying discussion with their friends or keep looking on web and various places.

If you are among them and want to write compelling senior research content, look at the topics below

  1. What role genetics play towards obesity? Discuss the topic in terms of types of genes that raise such issues. How future generations can be prevented from obesity? Can eating habits alone control the situation? Why the individual fails to command his body?
  2. Why abortions are considered equally painful to a delivery procedure? What are its future consequences on pregnancy and on the health of the lady?
  3. Talk about varied types of genes that are accountable for homosexuality. Compare them with heterosexual and bisexual genes.
  4. What are the various biological weapons known on earth? Is Ebola one of them and can we use it for the welfare of mankind?
  5. Carry a research in terms of substitutes of biological medicines? Do they really work? Talk about various herbs in relation to modern medicines and draw a comparative analysis about them.
  6. How vaccines and autism in infants are correlated?
  7. What are the severe effects of contraceptive pills on birth control and menstruation cycle?
  8. What human activities are accountable for various types of cancers? Talk in relation of pesticides, insecticides, junk foods and various medicines.
  9. Talk about the evolution of human in biological context.
  10. Discuss the topics Genetic diseases – Down syndrome or Sickle Cell Anemia. What is the difference in tem?
  11. What is the mystery associated with Meningitis.
  12. What is Nanotechnology? Talk about its advantages and disadvantages and its application in the lives of humans.
  13. What is the basic reason of phobia? How various types of phobias are dealt? Take a deep dive into the human brain and try to figure out the reason for various types of phobias? Also discuss the scientific ways of dealing with them?
  14. What is the primary biological angle of hypnosis? Is it practical or it is mental game?
  15. What is sleeping disorder? What kind of biological complication nurtures such issues? Are there any advantages of it too or it is full of disadvantages only. What are its possible treatment methods?