Unique US History Research Paper Topics To Explore

Throughout the continent of North America there exists no other form of history classes that is heavily issued to students as US history. The other remarkable aspect is that the students actually like the classes partly due to their natural state of patriotism. If you are a young student and want to learn more about US history you can read through some research paper topics very much like the ones I have placed within the numbered section following these opening paragraphs. Be sure to attempt all of the titles at least once in order to get the most out of this remedial exercise.

The order in which I have laid the topics down does not signify anything with respects to the academic method so feel free to select anyone to start practicing on. Remember that it is quite necessary to know your country’s history if you are a US citizen so challenge yourself with these research paper topics.

  1. Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs, which costed the state $1.7 billion, was devised for the sole purpose of reducing the rampant abuse of crack that quickly spread through most of America. Did he fail or succeed in his efforts?
  2. The attack on the world trade centers and subsequent pentagon attack were acts of terrorism by foreign nationals aboard the respected airliners. Debate if this was true or not.
  3. Write on one of the worst hurricanes to hit the North American Coast, hurricane Katrina. Present statistical data for the paper you are preparing on this topic.
  4. Discuss the details leading up to the first and only nuclear strike ever recorded and determine of it was justified or just another tactical war strategy?
  5. The prohibition was just a means to eradicate the other distillers from posing any threat or competition to the state owned breweries. Argue for or against this claim and cite information where used.
  6. Describe president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s scheme to counter the great depression and state whether he was successful or not through the use of his domestic programs.
  7. Was the bill of rights a work in progress or a means to frame the constitution to show how it was designed to be adequately limited?
  8. Discuss the pivotal events and decisions that people made during the American civil war. Which of the two sides were fighting for the lesser evil?
  9. Are African Americans still fighting the fight that the civil rights movement was designed to highlight years ago?
  10. What was the state of the economy when Americas’ first black president came into power?