Research Paper Topics On Autism – Top 24 Examples

Autism is a mental condition that presently affects hordes of people around the world. Unfortunately, the condition sets at a very early age and people from many nations have registered several cases of child autism and the like. When looking at such a sensitive topic, you will want to write on only the most exacting title possible. And that should be your first priority here.

Why find a suitable research topic?

Unless you are able to find the right topic, you will not be able to make the most out of the things that you should be discussing in the paper. This would amount to scoring low grades in the exam and you may not like it as well. There are many things that you will have to understand in this context and the relevance of the subject cannot be undermined in any form.

24 suitable research topics on autism

  1. Symptoms of autism: is it true that the various symptoms of autism are visible at a very early age?
  2. Autism and advanced sciences
  3. Is it true that the genetic cure of autism is not possible?
  4. What are some ways in which an autistic person influences social behavior around them?
  5. What are some common treatments for autism? How successful have these been?
  6. The truth of autism: is the state really incurable
  7. Will you agree that autism is a state where people can get severely affected?
  8. How far will you agree to the fact that autistic men are more affected with the condition than autistic women?
  9. People with autism cannot hold parallel conversations
  10. How can you differentiate between an autistic person and a normal person with a few symptoms?
  11. What should be the code of conduct for autistic children studying in public schools?
  12. Will you support the move to allow autistic students only in special schools?
  13. How far will you go in defending the rights of autistic children in school?
  14. Is there any verity in the notion that autistic people are not capable of higher studies?
  15. Would it be wise to allow autistic people in ministries?
  16. The care book for autism
  17. Autistic people are normal: a set of counters
  18. Autism is not a disease: leading the autistic way or life
  19. We are all slightly autistic: facts and supporting evidences
  20. Autism is a mere magnification of the senses
  21. Autistic people are compulsively more intelligent: the other side
  22. Apathy: Is it true for some cases or with autism in general?
  23. Autism: The genetic makeup of the disease
  24. Should separate textbooks be developed for autistic children?