A List Of Fresh Research Paper Topics Related To Medical Field

Many students who have decided to embark on the journey of medical study would naturally come across multiple assessments that either solely or jointly asks for the construction of a research paper. With this said it should be understood that any individual wishing to excel through such studies would naturally have to master certain academic techniques. One of the most important and practical solutions to all of this is simply practice so please do so whenever you get a chance.

The list below would contain a vast array of different titles and topics relating to the medical field so fell free to indulge yourself with each and every one. Remember that if you neglect to attempt the ones most difficult for you you would not gain the most out of this exercise. Set aside an hour or two everyday to use for this very purpose.

  1. Can stem cell research provide the key to more complete sex change operations?
  2. Do human animal hybrids constitute a viable option in the testing of new medicinal treatments?
  3. Have adequate studies proven the viability of cannabis and cannabinoid based treatments as a cure for cancer?
  4. What merit does urine therapy have for cases of jaundice in senior populations?
  5. Does a plant based lifestyle have any measurable effects on longevity and general well-being?
  6. Are there any physiological or psychological benefits to being morbidly or super-morbidly obese?
  7. Is the higher rate of multiple births among older mothers linked to higher rates of special abilities in their offspring?
  8. Do children who are raised in families with reptiles as pets display higher levels of immunity than those raised around mammalian pets or none at all?
  9. Can a human brain be successfully transplanted into the body of another human or animal donor?
  10. Could the use of robotic surrogate limbs and organs feasibly become a means of prolonging human and or animal life?
  11. Are extreme fitness regimens less healthy than engaging in purely sedentary lifestyles?
  12. Are the benefits of living with parents longer boosting the lifespans of millenials and their parents?
  13. Can the psychological strain of being a member of an often brutalized minority group be adequately treated pharmaceutically?
  14. Does gun ownership result in increased paranoia and lower empathy?
  15. Does exposure to small quantities of psychedelics on a daily basis result in a more stable or resilient psychological condition over time?